Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Do You have any questions? We strongly recommend that you start searching for the necessary information in the FAQ section.

What is CopyFund by company?

CopyFund by platform is an international investment company. The activity of our company is aimed at the cryptocurrency trading, forex, stocks and providing investment services worldwide.

How to create an account?

The registration process on the website is quite simple. You need to fill out the fields of the registration form, which include full name, email address and password.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we work with PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin.

I want to reinvest the funds received, is it possible?

Of course. You have the right to reinvesting your profits again and again.

What is the Capital Protection ?

We guaranteed and protected investment capital and profit except very high risk plan ( we do safe trading each plan dedicated PAMM accounts ).

do i have to pay fee ?

We only charge withdrawal fee 2% from high risk plans. (GOLD (XAUUSD) Plan 1X, GOLD (XAUUSD) Plan 2X, GOLD (XAUUSD) Plan 3X).

How many payment method support ?

We only accept USDT ( network TRC20) for Deposit & withdrawal.

Where i can buy USDT (TRC20) ?

You can buy crypto coin most popular exchange website such as , ,

how long take for withdrawal to process ?

Whenever client request withdrawal we do process withing 3days , we recommended to make withdrawal request end of week.

how long take for active my investment plan ?

as soon as admin review investment plan, its take up to 48hours .

does my investment get blow ?

We do ENABLED Capital Protection in our low risk plan and we highly recommended to subscribe one of plans if you looking protection to your capital.

can i cancel my investment plan before maturity ?

if you want cancel it please contact us , note: its will cost early settlement fee 3%.